Even though the digital era is getting everyday stronger and stronger, I am convinced that bringing a picture to life has never been so important. No screen will ever replace a printed photo hanged to your wall.

The purpose of this gallery is to share and give you the opportunity to buy some of my favorite shots at an affordable price. I work with an external photo lab which is a benchmark on the market and makes professional, high quality prints.

I offer different types of finishes and sizes, in case you can't find what you want, just contact me we'll sort it out on demand.

Photo Print


To be chosen between glossy and matte finish:

  • Matte: printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285 g/m2 paper (Specs here).

  • Glossy: printed on Hahnemühle Glossy 260 g/m2 paper (Specs here).

Matte photo finish

Matte finish highlights the texture of a photo, the image looks like grainer so it fits well with black & white or less colorful/vibrant shots. Without the glossy coating, a photo printed on matte paper has anti-reflective properties so better handles different types of lighting. ​It is also better to avoid fingerprints.

On the flip side, as texture is enhanced, you are also more likely to see unwanted defects such as noise created by high ISO.

Glossy photo finish

A glossy finish has this extra layer making the photo shine, it emphasizes the colors, so very good for colorful shots.

On the other hand, it is more sensible to reflections and fingerprints.

Paper prints are printed with or without margins: your choice.


Printed on 3mm thin acrylic glass, it gives an ultra bright finish to the shot. 5mm transparent margin around the photo.

All plexiglas prints are delivered with two 7x7cm or 10x10cm (for bigger sizes) aluminium hooks that'll enable you to hang it on your wall properly.

All prints are non framed because I think it is really a personal choice, so they are delivered rolled in cardboard for paper prints and flat in a strong cardboard box for plexiglas prints.

Shipping is free Worldwide.

Any question, please ask.