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Born & raised in Paris, I am an enthusiast photographer who have started to shoot architecture and historical buildings in my home city of Paris. Now more and more experiencing new areas such as landscape and street photography everywhere I travel.

What I like about photography is that it's a never ending learning process, whether it is technique, composition or inspiration you can learn everyday from many different sources and places.

My personal challenge is actually finding the time to do it considering both my professional and personal life.

Obviously Paris is my playground and leaving in the city center makes it pretty easy to go out and shoot cityscapes. This city offers countless possibilities and so many photo spots as well as great street photo opportunities.

I am always amazed when I come to a spot I know for years and I am able to shoot new compositions again and again. I guess that's the beauty of photography: you always come out with something unique.

I've been asked the question many times about what is my favorite location in Paris. Well to be honest...it's hard to tell, but if I had to name one that would actually not be one particular place, but I would say, walking along the Seine banks, especially the area from Pont des Arts to Notre Dame. Quite a short walk that gives you the essence of Paris.


On the Other side, I have always traveled a lot and cannot really imagine a life without discovering new places.

When it comes to landscape photography, I am a big fan of Nordic regions such as Norway, Scotland, Alaska, Iceland and the Faroes. Some of my dream destinations also include Patagonia, New Zealand, Mongolia, or Namibia.

In two words: remote places!

This website is meant to be straightforward:

GALLERY - PRINTS shows some of the shots I like the most and I like to share with you.

TIPS & TRICKS is...Tips & Tricks !

SPOTS is a snapshot of my favorite places in Paris by districts (arrondissements), with info on how to get there and best time to shoot. I hope it gives ideas on where to go and inspire you to get some good shots. 

Through this website I want to share my photography experience and give you the possibility to acquire affordable prints that will give you a taste of Paris and other places I visit.


You can find a more comprehensive portfolio on my Instagram page: @vm.photoparis

Hope you enjoy this page, any feedback is more than welcome.

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