In Montmartre there are so many shooting possibilities:

  • Lamarck Caulaincourt Metro station: capture the essence of Montmartre in a well known photo location.

  • Moulin rouge: great long exposure possibilities at night for an iconic place.

  • Rue de L'abreuvoir: the street gives a great leading line to the Sacré Coeur.

  • Rue du Chevalier de la Barre: right behind the church, don't miss this spot with many possible compositions.

  • Rue Poulbot is a very nice area and really typical of Montmartre streets.

  • The stairs: different locations, take the time to explore and get lost on the hill.

  • Butte Bergeyre in the 19th is to me the best view you can get off the Sacré Coeur. The picture below speaks for itself. Exit at Colonel Fabien Métro station, and head up to Avenue Mathurin Moreau, stairs on the right will lead you to the top.

  • Les Buttes Chaumont is another great location to snap Montmartre hill and the Sacré Coeur. Go to "Temple de Sibylle" (located in the middle of the lake) and you'll get a fantastic view over the basilica. Space is not huge, but you can still easily use your tripod. The park closes pretty late in the summer so take the time to enjoy this amazing sunset location.

Golden hour
  • Parc de Belleville is another Parisian hill and you get a cool view on the Eiffel tower from the platform just outside the garden. 

Photo spot