• Palais Royal: very close to the Louvre it's one of my favorite place in the city as different compositions can be tried here especially at Colonnes de Buren in the main court and in the garden with great perspectives under the arches.

Palais royal

  • Le Louvre: alright, this is a classic, but its endless compositions possibilities is unique in Paris, give it a try at sunrise and sunset. One of the best view is actually 'hidden' and protected from the crowd, right in the center of the main square next to jardins des Tuileries in the middle of the bushes (yes there is a path) it gives great reflection from the ground. Don't forget the beautiful arch of the Carrousel ​next to Jardin des Tuileries it offer additional perspectives over the Pyramid. On the other side of the arch, on a bright day you will be able to see the Arc de Triomphe giving you the perfect leading line.


  • Pont des Arts: when leaving le Louvre towards the left bank, this is one of the best perspective Paris can offer with Institut de France in the background.


  • Pont Neuf: even named the "New bridge" it's actually the oldest of Paris and an architectural masterpiece.


  • Sainte Chapelle: absolutely stunning architecture, wide angle needed.


  • Place Dauphine: Parisian architecture at its best, very cool every season of the year to escape noise pollution.


Seine banks leading to Notre-Dame: multiple shooting possibilities, good location at sunrise. Walk until pont de la Tournelle on the left bank for this iconic view, if you're lucky enough you might get a nice puddle here.


  • Rue Réaumur: certainly one of the nicest building in Paris, spectacular at sunrise


  • Place des Vosges: stunning architecture, peaceful and beautiful garden. Interesting leading lines with the path going towards fountains & buildings.

Leading line